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New & Used Critical Rated Air
Conditioning Systems

Stulz - Data Center Air Conditioning

Critical rated or precision cooling products provide the precise, year-round cooling required by sensitive electronics while protecting them from the environmental hazards of dust, temperature and humidity. The solutions include standalone, ceiling and wall-mount systems for spot, room and telecom shelter applications, and liquid chilling systems for medical imaging and industrial equipment.

Ultrasonic or Steam Canister Humidification

Today's high tech environment requires meticulous control of humidity to eliminate static electricity, ensure quality manufacturing processes, preserve precious documents and works of art, and provide comfort while adhering to Indoor Air Quality standards. The specific reasons to humidify are as numerous as the applications, but the purpose is common across the board: to eliminate problems that can damage products, ruin buildings, or jeopardize health.

Portable A/C (Purchase or Rent)

Portable air conditioning units provides supplemental cooling and/or instant emergency back-up to protect your critical equipment during a heat-related crisis. With a trend towards smaller, more "heat dense" servers, equipment shutdowns may be more likely to occur as your existing server room air conditioner system becomes inadequate. Smart Building Solutions provides a variety of portable air conditioners for rent or to purchase for emergency temporary cooling or permanent spot cooling applications.

Data center leak detection

Leak Detection for Industrial and Commercial Applications

TraceTek - Fluid Leak Detection

Reliable and Accurate Fluid Leak Detection Sensors for Water, Petroleum and Acids - as used in thousands of installations worldwide.

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